ITIL in Gaming

So I recently got my ITIL foundations certification. Something I have taken away from the course, is I think gaming companies don't follow a similar philosophy around service. The landscape of gaming is largely focused toward multiplayer/always online content. Effectively services we expect to function 99% of the time.

I think a good example of a company that has adapted the ITIL model or something similar to it is Blizzard. I say Blizzard, because of how the company reacts to support requests through a GM, or their online support pages. You can expect fast return on your initial incident ticket. Later known errors players run into, are quickly fixed within a month or less. Instead of addressed slowly over a period of months like other developers.

I can't prove Blizzard is using this model, but based on how they communicate with players, I see them as a good example in adapting ITIL. Trion Worlds I think is doing the same. Any MMO company could be considered to using this model, given being always up and having a concurrent player base is their life blood.

Then I think about how Ubisoft handles actually addressing problems players face, through their poor communication and at times deceptive marketing. They don't have a process in place that really gives player confidence that their games will be supported across different hardware. We see year over year, in current gen games coming out half baked. Especially triple AAA games, compared to smaller scale indy games. Rockstar being the exception with GTA.

I don't know where else I am going with this, but I want input from others, something to confirm my thoughts on these subjects.

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You are probably correct. ITIL is a framework, and mostly common sense at that. Companies are free to take whichever parts work for them and tailor to their needs. More than this, those that implement ITIL principles well will likely provide a better customer experience.