It was only a matter of time

So now facebooks really wants your phone number, so glad I got rid of whatsapp ages ago

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If you're interested in have private communications with people, you should look into my XMPP thread. There are mobile apps that support encryption. It's right here.

I would love to use this, but I'm the only one who really cares about tin foil hats and privacy and I haven't the effort to get people to use this.. le sigh

I opted out of that feature...

There was a box you could uncheck.

I wonder if it's something that I'm going to have to look for with every update now - hopefully only with updated TOS though. The good news is at least your messages are encrypted and not being logged -- they just want your phone number, username, and statuses I believe........ for now. Tomorrow - your soul.

3 years facebook free and proud of it.