IT toolbag

I really like having one of these…dunno what you all think of them.


With touchscreen devices becoming more popular, sometimes you need wipes just to see what’s on the screen.

I work for an MSP and our techs are recommended to just have a USB keyboard if you can fit one in. Covid’s been the perfect excuse to not touch other people’s peripherals.


These are velcro straps that are less functional.

Nice find?


Holy explicative! That would be a good sales pitch to the spouse. I need a new mech keyboard because Covid! Its brilliant!


My PC-tool bag:

  • USB drive with a collection of tools on it

File Shredder

  • Known good USB A→B, A→micro B, A→C and RJ45 cable

  • USB multimeter (any cheapo will do)

  • Size 1 Philips head screwdriver

  • magnet

  • a few small zip/twist ties

  • single use gloves

  1. Kobalt mini ratcheting screwdriver kit
  2. Case of assorted wires
  3. Cheap network tracer
  4. Really thin need-nose pliers for getting 3.5mm jacks unstuck

How good is Kobalt really?

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Tbh it’s not bad and if you get it on sale (Father’s Day or Christmas seem to be the best times) they are a solid value. This is for hand tools btw. Idk about power tools.

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Thing is I’ve been looking for a mini ratcheting set that isn’t too mini for my outsized hands, doesn’t feel like it’s going to break, and doesn’t feel like I’m buying a Mini Cooper. >.>

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I don’t know if the brand in general is really anything special, I just like it because it ratchets in both directions so you don’t have to ever take your hands off of it. You just hold the ring, and it will tighten or loosen regardless of which direction you turn the screwdriver. And I’ve had it for like 8 years now and it still works great.


Like a 1/4 ratchet and socket set or do you mean a screwdriver?

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The latter. I bought a very basic wrench set years ago and other than losing heads, it’s fine.

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I really like this one. I have had this set for 6 years and is really good quality.

It has a large handle, a stubby handle, and a T-Handle + different length extensions.


Nice, thanks.


Something I recommend to every one of my friends is one of those Miniware TS-80 soldering irons.

You might not need it immediately, but someday you’ll need to solder something simple and this thing’s got you covered. It has superb performance for its size and price, the tips last very long with just occasional use, it works on any USB-PD charger (even powerbanks) and it’s TINY.
It’s also got a large userbase, so spares and firmware will probably be around for a long time to come.


I gotta ask, when have you used the lockpicks lol. I can come up with some scenarios in my head but I would like to know your IRL experience.

Most of the veteran phone techs I have worked around could open a locked door pretty quickly with little more than a screwdriver.

I’m technically a comms engineer, but it’s pretty much the same thing these days when it coms to tools.

I’d recommend one of these if you deal with a lot of networking stuff especially where voice is involved:

Also a decent multitool - I’d recommend the leatherman wave+, that’s probably my most used tool despite carrying huge amounts of hand and power tools on the vehicle, because it’s always on my belt.

also a decent torch - again that’s a daily use tool for me. I like the olight baton series because they have magnetic tailcaps which are great for working in data cabinets.

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So far I have gotten by with a Swiss Army Tinkerer but a Leatherman is on my list

I am a writer… outside of tech professionally you still end up managing other people’s tech if you want them to be productive and you realize that corporate life is a non-starter.

And that’s without considering other projects like my server.

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