It is upgrade time

Firstly I am interested in running 2560x1440.  I am currently running an AMD 8350 with a 7970 on an Asus M5A99FX.  I don't know if I should upgrade to a 780 ti or try crossfiring for the first time.  I have always kind of heard rather than crossfiring or sli go for the fastest single gpu card.  The monitor I am considering is a Korean one.  That being said the Asus Swift PG278Q is coming out but would require a Nvidia card to use gsync.  I was considering a platform switch last year but decided to stick with the AMD system.  I kind of wished I switched because I bought a new motherboard anyways.  I know this is a loaded question but I am just looking for some direction to go with my build.  I have max 2000 dollars to spend.  Maybe I should platform switch and run the 7970?  I have an i3 setup as well.  It is the 3220.

The 8350, even at that resolution, shouldn't have any trouble running games at 1440p. If you do want to gain some extra performance you could always overclock it.

Personally, I would go with one single GPU. I have used SLI in the past. Way too much of a headache. Just go with a powerful single GPU solution. The 780 Ti is a very good choice for 1440p gaming. Although a custom cooled R9 290x would also do a decent job and could save you a bit but they are a bit hard to find right now at a decent price.

I'm not quite sure why you are mentioning the little i3. I hope you aren't comparing the 8350 to the i3... The 8350 much more closely competes with an i7-3770.  Really it would only be your GPU holding you back, for the most part, from gaming at 1440p. So switching to Intel while keeping your 7970 wouldn't make much sense at all. 

I am not sure why I put that in there either lol.  I was just rambling.  Thank you for your input.  That was what I was thinking about the 290x when I was looking them up.  They are almost the same price as the 780 ti.  I have always heard driver support is better with Nvidia.  Any thoughts on the Korean monitors or perhaps worth waiting for the Asus PG278Q?

Yeah, the crypto currency mining craze as well as a limited supply in the first place has really driven up the price of AMD cards. Although there are a few deals still to be had if you look hard enough. 

I haven't used AMD for a while, not necessarily for any one reason but just because I was able to get good deals on nVidia cards. (Currently have a 780, had a 670 before that, had an 7850 a while before that.) So I can't really say how their drivers are now. In the past nVidia's were better. Now a days I believe they are pretty similar. I have never had a driver problem, except when I used SLI, so I never thought of driver support as an issue. 

I can't really help you on the monitors. I don't game in 1440p. 1080p is fine for me for right now. From what I have heard though, the Korean monitors are a very good option. They usually don't have the best build quality but do the job and seem to be reliable. Plus, $300 ish is a very good deal. 

I'm sorry, I'd never spend $800 on a monitor. Tearing doesn't really bother me and the other solutions that are being suggested, Adaptive V Sync and AMDs more interesting open FreeSYNC, seem like more appealing options. I'd hate to be locked into one brand of GPU or one particular type of monitor to take advantage of a feature that I think will follow along the path of failure that PhysX has been heading down for quite some time. 


Thank you.  Same way my thoughts were heading and it is hard sometimes to not be sucked in by the hype.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I will just try to capture the best deal I can.

Glad I could help. Anymore questions just ask and good luck on your parts search!