It is the month of upgrading! Need advice on SSD, monitor and GPU

Hi all, I have had my computer in it's current state for roughly 4 years now and would like a performance boost in new games and productivity.


My current configuration is as follows:

CPU: Intel i5-760

GPU: Nvidia GT440

RAM: Corsair CMX4GX3M1A1333C9-XMS3

Mobo: ASUSTek P7P55D-E PRO

And assorted drives for 2TB of storage, NIC's etc.

Also, my current monitor is the discontinued Viewsonic VA1931wa.


So time to upgrade methinks.  I'm in the UK and have a budget of ~£500.  

I'm thinking of a SSD, 240-250GB as that's the size of my current OS partition (I can afford to lose a few GB of unplayed games) but I don't know which brand to go for or if there are any deals on SSD's around at the moment.

I need a new graphics card, and I'm looking at the Nvidia GTX 760 for that (any deals?).   I really could do with nvidia parts for the CUDA cores as I do edit using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Which leaves around £200 to get a new monitor.  I would like to get your opinions on 120Hz monitors for gaming.  I do play certain FPS games competitively and these can offer quite an advantage when it comes to fast-paced shooters.  They can also be quite expensive however.  There are certain Korean panels around that can be imported such as the Qnix QX2710 or the X-Star DP2710 which can be OC'd to give variable refresh rate gains.

More details here.

My question is are these worth it or should I be looking at more consumer-based options such as the BenQ-XL2720T?


Thanks in advance.

gtx760 - good choice and is I'd say the highest end card that wont see you cpu bottlenecking the performance.

 + SDD & cpu cooler (to oc that cpu cause you have a nice board >>oc guide<<)

 Save yourself some cash and dont worry about 120hz. Grab a korean import if the fees arent too bad. Here is what I'd grab if you want to buy local> Asus VX279Q

upgrade your ram to at least 8GB. You definitely want to have that upgrade if you are doing editing. 

Thanks very much for your thoughts and detailed guides etc.  So I've definitely picked out the 760 now as my new card, and I've chosen the EVGA version for overclocking etc.

Do you have any thoughts on good SSD brands? Should I go Kingston HyperX or Samsung?

Also you mention the Asus VX279Q, that's just a little out of my price range unfortunately.  How would this Acer S271HLAbid be instead?  It has a nice low response rate and I've decided to prioritise size and price over refresh rate and get a local one.


Thanks again.

Thankfully I already did that a while ago!  Sorry, I should have mentioned it in the body.


Thanks for your help.

Sorry I forgot, also any ideas on a aftermarket cooling solution? Logan uses a lot of Noctua coolers, but I know Corsair do some nice ones too including closed loop watercooling sytems.

Perhaps this Noctua one or this Corsair one?

That acer monitor seems well ok for your needs. The u12s or u14s are a great cooler from noctua if you cant fit the d14 (as you've linked). The d14 though is an absolute beast.