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It is the Day of Action to save Net Neutrality - July 12 - who's supporting?

So it is the action day to save Net Neutrality and there are a lot of brands and people who are raising voice with Battle for the Net. Some great ones I have seen are:
Twitter Blog
Google's Blog
Purevpn's blog

There were a few more which were really interesting but I can;t find it. I wanna know how many of you are raising your voice against it and what else have you found to be really interesting?


I forgot to mention Imgur is broadcasting in black and white today.
Not sure if we'll be able to see today's recordings in color when watching them later.

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So cool (y) thanks for sharing

Not really sure what a bunch of tweets are gonna accomplish but knock yourself out. The Netflix and Amazon throttling thing will get a rise out of the casuals so imo that will have the biggest impact.


Awesome! It will if those tweets would be from all of us :slight_smile: But IMO the brands taking part in it is the best thing about this day

I'm essentially writing down a comment about why Net Neturality is important to me to the FCC. I have this but it is incredibly rough, incomplete, and will not be done until tonight when I can focus on it some more. I do not care if anyone steals this.

My name is [insert name] and I am a college student. I use the internet for many things. Two things that are important to me are education and entertainment. For educational purposes, the internet allows me to tap into an encyclopedia of almost all of human knowledge for me and any other learners or students to benefit from in one way or another, whether it may be for personal growth, research, or just finding answers to questions we may have for a particular day. I'm sure when the Internet was developed, one of the goals it was to provide access to anyone who needs it. For entertainment purposes, the Internet has allowed unrestricted creativity to the masses for anyone to share to any audience. Works that normally would not see in the light of day like through television, book publications, news outlet, etc are all have an opportunity to be reached tut to those that may give it a chance. It is not a lie to say that almost all of my entertainment comes from the Internet-based services like YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, than services provided by cable only because it has been sclerotic over time rather than adhering to change.

The Internet by and large is still the most significant innovation in recent human history and it would be a travesty to neuter its ongoing significant impact on human civilization. Everyone benefits the internet in one way or another and to allow it to be given controlled to any human entity, especially a corporation whose primary interest is to increase profits regardless of moral ethics. ISPs do not care about the consumer, only their hard-earned cash. The title, Restore Internet Freedom Act (RIFA) for short, is a complete misnomer and does the complete opposite of restoring freedom.

This isn't the first time we had a threat to the Internet. We had the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA), and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and all have meet with outcry due to their restrictive nature for the rest of the citizens.

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This is really great and I hope you did complete it and sent it to them. Thank you for this