It is official. The mining craze has hit full crazy. A dead card sold on ebay for near MSRP

I don't really know what to say. I guess if you bake it in an oven that might fix it, but highly doubtful.

What were these people thinking? Are the coolers somehow worth it alone? Definitely not.


Could this be the work of bots auto bidding?


I'd buy a dead card for a coaster but I wouldn't pay more than 50 for it

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If that's the case, they bothered to make a bot to auto-bid and didn't limit it to used/new items? That's such an easy thing to test for. It'd be hilarious if it was buying up broken cards like this all because of a lack of foresight when it was programmed.

Question? Dafuq did I miss I have a MSI RX480 8gb with Reference Model in my current Setup. Whats so special about it?

Sweet hashing speed and low power usage in a small form.

I am a total noob when it comes to cryptocurrencies and so on but could this be true?

Yup, that's roughly what I'm getting from a single 1070 which does little over 25MH

Can I have some of that money off your money tree?

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No, I need it to fund my crippling addiction to obscure coasters


I'll sell you a 560 and 760, both dead for $100?
I'll throw in an 8600 GT for free
I think that one functions

Dammit Vega.. hurry up! If I could get 200 for my blower 480 8GB I'll be a happy camper.

I want current gen corpses

Almost definitely a bot.

It may filter for new or used via an API, but checking for broken cards might be a bit tricky because ebay doesn't have a field for it except for description and title. And since that can be worded a thousand ways... kinda hard :slight_smile:

The Item Condition is a drop down menu with the following options:

Of course you can describe the condition further, but those are always one of those options. Of those options, only "For parts or not working" means "doesn't work".

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Oh ok didn't know that, haven't used ebay for ages :smiley:

And now

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