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It appears the company "Creator" perfected flippy


Damn I could go for one of these burgers right now. Apparently according to 's website the target price for each burger is $6. We will see how that sticks…
Take in mind this is more of a marketing press release than news article, but it’s sorta news Article


Whats a flippy.


It’s a robot that flips burgers


Can we sythesize bob from bobs burgers with it and give it an annoyitg family.


I love these sort of inventions. I would almost go out of my way to a place that has this, if I could watch it in action.


I would only go to Krispy Creams for the conveyor belt.


It’s funny, there’s a krispy cream in the nearby plaza, but there’s another donut shop (that was there before them) and everyone goes there instead because they’re so much better and they’re not a chain.


As someone who has lost a local Krispy Kreme’s location. I know what to do. Send me the coordinates of the that donut shop.

insert nuke gif


Y’all realize all fast food is already heavily automated right?

whitecastle burgers are assembled in a factory by robots and are microwaved in the store. Macdonalds is also pretty close to that for everything other than their burgers.

This is just an attempt at stylish, gentrified industrial automation for marketing purposes, which is fine.

But it’s not really that suprising or innovative.



Fuck Krispy Kreme.


fuck you

krispy kreme is the only good chain donut place

fuck tim hortons (their coffee is ok tho)
fuck dunkin (and especially fuck their donuts)
fuck that one in texas no one but texans like
also fuck voodoo, I waited an hour for what tasted like a gas station bagel