Issues With Ubuntu Gnome Instal

So for the past two hours i have been trying to get the Bios to run my USB with Ubuntu Gnome on to run, But it refuses, So i decided to go to the desktop and run it, Right as it's just about done, A damn error happens, The Error Reads as follows.

I honestly have never used Linux before and since Logan is using it i thought i would help the community by jumping into it as well.

It looks like a corrupt download... the MD5 checksum seams to fail, which will cause the rest of the processing to fail...

Are you trying to install Linux from a USB drive? If you are what program did you use to create the USB?

I see you are trying to do a WUBI install of ubuntu inside of Windows 8.1. I myself have never tried to even make that work since I dont own a Windows 8.1 disc(and likely never will) but I do know that WUBI is only supported for up to Windows 7 and even there it is so horrible it shouldn't even be around anymore. The unfortunate reality is that you will be better of installing to a separate partiton or into a Virtual Machine. However as you said, your PC's UEFI BIOS likely has some issues booting the disc. It's possible that whatever tool you used to create the bootable USB has stripped out the relevant files to create a UEFI bootable disc. If you tried to create a USB with Rufus and you still have that problem, you might need to disable secureboot or create a custom UEFI bootable usb to force it.

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I'm useing the recommended program that was on the Ubuntu Website

Would you be able to tell me how to do this by chance? would REALLY appreciate it.

I am also going to try and use Rufus right now and see if it works that way :D

Well first of all just to prove that ubuntu's recommendations are not to be trusted: It does not work with Win8.

So lets give rufus a try, download it here Then just install it point it at the ubuntu ISO and make sure you have it set to GPT partiton scheme for UEFI computers. When that's done just reboot and see if it boots. If that works just come back to windows and follow one of the many tutorials such as this to dual boot windows 8.1 and ubuntu. Just beware you are likely going to need to use rufus to create a working uefi usb with your PC.

And please backup before you install, i do not want you to somehow accidentaly format your disk drive or mess up with the paritioning.

Alright i will give that a whirl, Thank you for the information, i will do that now :D

I will reply back here if things still do not go well.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Point it to the Ubuntu ISO" I have the ISO but there is no option that i see in Rufus to do so.

Also, What about the " file System Type" ?

whenever i have issues with USB installs, I just burn a DVD of the ISO and run it that way. I almost never have an issue doing an install from the ISO. As long as the ISO passes the Checksum and the Burned disc passes the checksum after burning, everything should run just fine.

Sadly i do not use Discs anymore, I can only use USB, I rid myself of Disk Drives 5 years ago.

You could try simply writing the ISO to a flash drive or CD, then live booting it straight from the BIOS. That usually the most reliable way to install linux. My favorite live installation creation tool is Linux Live USB (LiLi). It should be fairly straight forward, write it to the flash drive, boot into the flash drive, then ubuntu should be able to hand the partitioning and creation and installation of itself.

Alright i will try your way as well, i hope this works X_x

Well it seems i do not know how to use this software either, Can you give me a tutorial of what you do please BlueKoda?

Have you tried YUMI? from Pendrive Linux?

I got it all working :D Thanks to shokhan ! Thank you everyone else for the advice !