Issues with two speakers, and audio splitter. Shop environment

Hey there.

I run a local game shop. I host tournaments for TCGs like MTG and pokemon.
During my events, I play music. Not super loud, just loud enough to break the chatter between players.

Well. After about a month or so, I have started to have some issues.
As the music is playing, it will randomly just "cut off". The music will mute for a few minutes, and then resume.
At first I was thinking it'd have to be my laptop.
To figure it out I used a process of elimination to find out what component in the system was bad.

I tried cumputer, directly to speaker. Computer not connected to speakers. Computer connected to headphones. Computer connected to both speakers and each individual speaker while still using the inline splitter.

I figured maybe the splitter was bad, but it even cuts out with the direct line in from a single speaker, without the splitter.

Then I tried my phone, deciding it was the laptop.
Well, the same thing still happens.

Now my hunch is that either
A.) My 25' Aux cables are severed etc and stop working correctly.
B.) The jacks on my PC and phone aren't strong enough to send the current.

With all of this information, is there any possible solution to my problem?

Components/Parts Used in my current setup.
1 Audio Splitter
2 25' Audio Cables
2 JBL Flip Speakers
And of course my audio source, which is a laptop, chromebook, or phone.

Thanks in Advance. I am an audio scrub.

are you streaming?

Using Spotify, yes.

in that case I suggest it could be an issue with your internet cutting out.

You using wifi? It's prolly something interfering with your wifi. It could even be a pesky neighbor trying to deauth you for the handshake.

Nah, it's not the internet. This is something physically wrong with my setup.
The internet does drop now and then, but it is not causing the issues im having.

How can you be so sure?

Will the music play consistently on your phone speakers without dropping out? (test for full time length)