Issues with the Intel 3168NGW NIC from my ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional

Recently, namely after UEFI update 6.20 (probably unrelated), my motherboard sometimes just loses track of its Intel 3168NGW wireless NIC on my system, be it on the UEFI itself or on Windows.
However if i roll back the BIOS or update to a new version, suddenly the NIC appears again and works correctly for some weeks, and then it does it again.
Is it going bad, or is it just a software issue?
Perhaps i’ll take the opportunity to upgrade to an Intel AX200NGW…

Maybe re-seating the m.2 wifi adapter and cleaning up the connection pads can help. It should be hidden under the I/O cover thingy.
And the AX200 is your best option indeed.

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I was gonna go fix it now, but i needed to access the PC again and it sprung back into life, weirdly enough.
I’m gonna clean the pins like you said and pick up the AX200 from Aliexpress today, hopefully it gets here soon.
I also took a look at the Killer AX1650, but its the same AX200 with different software, so i don’t think its worth the 50% extra in price…

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