Issues with RAID + Sabayon installation

Was curious if anyone here has experience with Sabayon. It looks interesting, and tends to support GPU drivers better from what I have been reading as well as more recent updates like XFCE 4.12. Wondering if I might have a better experience gaming on Sabayon compared to Xubuntu.

Go to post 6 for issues.

I would say if you are looking for a distro for mainly gaming it is one of the best. I use it for a year.

How easy is it to maintain? I feel like that is something that Ubuntu doesn't do very well (or I don't understand it very well).

make sure you keep it updated since there so many updates but you can do kernel upgrades and driver update with easy. It also has Rigo which is one of the best GUIs for a package manager.

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Sabayon for +1 month now, loving it so far. Expect to get yourself inside a terminal to do what you want, other than that it's a very streamlined and easy to use distro.

Zoltan did a very detailed post on Sabayon about a year ago, check it out if you haven't already.

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Thanks for the link, will def check it out!

Trying to install but running into a catch.

I am running a hardware RAID 0 (mostly because I got the Crucial M4s for a killer price even though they are a bit slow back in 2012). When I run the installer, in the disc partition/format stage it shows my raid as a single disc with 238Gb (as mounted as /dev/sda). I let it install, but then it won't boot saying:

Could not get boot entry.
**No iSCSI initiator found
/run/lvm/lvmetad.socket: connect failed: No such file or directory
Warning: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling backbto internal scanning.
No volume groups found.
ls: /dev/md/IntelRaid_0p3: No such file or directory.
!! Unable to resolve root: UUID= (random characters)
!! Could not find the root block device in UUID= ...
!! Please specify another value or
!! Press enter for the same
!! Type shell for a shell
!! Type q to skip...

I get that it is not able to find /boot but I'm not sure given the options in the installer, how to get this to install so it boots?

I had it for a few months and I loved it. However, I know debian-based distros better and they have better support, so I came back to Mint.

@Gachr So any idea how I can get it to boot?

I never had a RAID setup, so I don't think so. Try messing with the boot in BIOS.

Ended up just not doing RAID. Sabayon is SO flipping fast.

Glad you like it but most raid controller normally only have drivers for .rpm and .deb distros since it is meant for servers over desktops.

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I have got the same error after a fresh install of sabayon gnome 18.03
But here it comes I don’t got a raid controller
I have just a simple Intel atom x5 8350 with a very limited bios no choice of setting a raid
What can I do instead of getting back to W10?

@pazuzu Thanks for contributing, but this thread is 3 years old. I suggested you start a new thread if you would like to continue the discussion. And welcome to the forum! :sunglasses: