Issues with my build

Specs: AMD FX-6100, Gigabayte 990FX-UD3 MOBO, HD7850 gfx card, corsair cx750W modular PSU

So I've had my build since November of last year and everything has been alright. Well yesterday there was a storm front coming through and my power went out mid game. This morning i found out that my PSU(corsair cx 600w 80Plus) blew a capacitor. I replaced the PSU with a new(corsair 750Wm 80Plus) one today and the PC powers on but the screen just flickers from black to blue. Please help

I posted this on reddit and a guy tried to help me but i guess he got stuck :/

Can you boot into the BIOS?

If you have another graphics card swap it out and see if it does the same thing and that will tell you if it's the graphics card.