Issues with g29 Circuit board

As per title. its a bit of a funny one this.

I’m looking for any articles or videos regarding the circuit board on the g29 racing wheel breaking down and how to repair.

I realise these wheels are like £300 new as I have the G920 but my friend doesn’t have a lot of spare cash and he bought a g29 from a guy I referred him to… I found a gtx 1080 for good money a few weeks ago and went and bought it. the guy I got it from was dismantling his pc and moving so he was selling everything off cheap, this included the g29 which I saw and told my friend about… The guy selling it was a stand up guy and because my pal is lazy he tool until now to test the g29 only to find its intermittent with powering up.
I thought at first it would be a bad power receptacle but after stripping the unit we found there is power all the way to the board. 24v.
This leads me to believe the board is on its way out and needs a minor repair of some kind… fingers crossed.
Taking an item like this to a tv repair shop or such like is likely to cost a third of the price of a new item so if you add that to the purchase price it hardly seems worth it but if I can see some guides etc on the unit I’m pretty sure I can fix it myself for pence on resistors and diodes etc.