Issues with Display Port KVM Switch

KVM Model:

1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Single Monitor - Four Computer

USB Interface (5-gigabit or 10-gigbit):



I have an issue switching to a couple of our Windows 10 based Lenovo computers. Once I switch away from one of your two Lenovo towers, I lose the image and cannot get it back without rebooting the computer. It only affects the newer servers running Windows 10. I have tried a fresh install of both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and still get the same issue. Curiously, if I use Ubuntu or Fedora from a thumb drive, I do not encounter this issue.

Other Notes:

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Was it working in the past and decided recently to stop working correctly?

Does unplugging the DisplayPort, then plugging it back in help?

It never worked with the new KVM switch. It used to work with a prior no-name KVM switch, but it failed. The old KVM stopped working with everything, not just this pair of computers in the setup. This was the replacement for that switch. I tried unplugging the DisplayPort cable from each of the ports and plugging it back in and it did not help. I also attempted to use the second DisplayPort out on the Desktop PC, but it didn’t help either.

Ah gotcha thank you for clarifying. Can you tell me the model# of the Lenovo PC?

The ones with the issue:
One is a ThinkStation P350 (1S)MT-M 30E4-S0XQ00. The other is a P340 MT-M 30DJ-S0DJ00.

As an added note, ones that work in Windows 10 on the KVM switch are ThinkServer TS140s.

This is usually graphics driver related. If you open “Computer Information” and see what Intel CPU is in there, we can DDU the current drivers and get fresh drivers from Intel.

I was going to look up the CPU based on model# but that might be easier lol

I’m seeing:

ThinkStation P350 = i5-11500
ThinkStation P340 = i7-10700
^ these links are to the corresponding graphics drivers for the CPU

If these CPUs are correct, please use DDU for each and reinstall the graphics drivers from Intel. Like I said up there ^ you should be able to double check inside “Computer Information” on each PC

They both have Xeon processors. The P350 has a W-1350 and the P340 has a Xeon W-1250 CPU. I will see if DDU and new drivers work.

Oh! The more you know xD great just lmk.

Hey just wanted to check in with you, how did reinstalling the drivers go?

It appears to work on the p340. I will check the P350 when I get time.

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Apologies for the delay. Before I could test the P350, I had some unrelated Windows issues to fight. The P350 is working now as well. Thank you for the assistance.

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Awesome thank you for reaching out!