Issues with Chivalry dedicated server

Hi everyone,

I regularly host a dedicated server for Chivalry Medieval Warfare and it's Deadliest Warrior expansion. Lately, my friends and I have grown tired of vanilla Chivalry and would like to start running mods on my server. This is where I start having issues.

I can successfully run mods on my server, but when anyone tries to join they get stuck in some sort of loading limbo. I checked the documentation provided by Torn Banner Studios and I found this:

I'm guessing that my server isn't allowing clients to download the mods because my friends can join other modded servers without the Workshop files. Another theory I have is that my upload speed is too slow and its taking an eternity for them to download the necessary files.

  • I've setup port forwarding on ports 7777, 7778, 7779, 27015 (All possible ports used by Chivalry)
  • I downloaded and placed the mods in the server file directory

  • I added the mod names to the maps listed in the PCServer-UDKGame config file

Does anyone have any ideas or detailed tutorials on how to setup custom content on a Chivalry server?