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Issues getting 10gb to work


Although the NIC is between two high-end GPUs, I don’t think it’s the problem, since the GPUs at idle shouldn’t cook it and I have some airflow coming at PCI-E area.
But turned out the main problem was MTU size not getting changed on the interface when I changed it in the adapter settings GUI.



I have Disabled almost everything in the Adapter Properties:

  • Downshift retries
  • Energy-Efficient Ethernet
  • Flow Control
  • Interrupt Moderation
  • Interrupt Moderation rate
  • Large Send Offload (all version and protocols)
  • Receive Side Scaling
  • Recv Segment Coalescing (IPv4/6)

And now I see a 1second burst of ~950MB/s and then it can be around 500 to 300s and can go as low 200s.

When I had some or all of these features enabled, it was rarely above 400, usually between 200s and 300s.

No Memory or CPU shortage on the NAS, or on the desktop.