Issue with video in fullscreen

Okay i have noticed an increasing issue. When watching a video in fullscreen on certain sites i come across an issue of not being able to hit play, pause or fast forward due to writing down the bottom.
I have added a photo to explain what im referring too. It doesnt happen on all sites, Thankfully not on youtube. I suspect its due to the way the video is being played back.

Anyway what im getting at is there a way for me to stop this, or can someone explain to me what im having to deal with this. Other thing to note my browser is chrome.


Other thing to note is it doesn't always say the same/similar thing below. 

Hey everyone, a friend on another forum has helped me out. Ill share the answer here. So if you are experiencing the same issue you know how to resolve it.


Right click on the video and select settings. Then click on the play screen with a play icon on the bottom-left hand corner of the screen. Then click on enable hardware support.