Issue with updating xbox games after using winaero tweaker

A while back my friend was having performance issues with his pc, so we cleaned it, made sure xmp was enabled and did a bit of overclocking. After all that, I installed winaero tweaker and went through disabling the usual stuff like telemetry and automatic updates, which caused a noticeable performance uplift. Then a few days ago he messaged me saying that sea of thieves wouldn’t update, which he has from the microsoft store. It says windows update needs to be enabled and when we look into that it says “some settings are managed by your organization” setting everything back to stock in winaero tweaker didn’t help either and im at a loss at this point. any help would be appreciated.

So if you’re attempting to find the group policy causing the issue it will likely be in one these locations below. Be sure to create a restore point and understand what it is you are deleting before proceeding.


Or the safest option is to do a System Restore to a time before running Winaero.