Issue with Sapphire 7870 Ghz edition

Hey all, brand new to the forums but not "The Tek" on youtube. Been having an issue with my brand new 7870 where during random gaming the screen will shift a solid color and have dotted, vertical lines running down the screen OVER this solid color. this forces me to hard restart.

I've stress tested the GPU running furmark at MAX settings for an hour and a half temps never went above 59c and no crash

It happens COMPLETLY at random but i'm starting to have assumptions it's due to youtube/flash player running while I game.

My system specs are 

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition))(( Stock clock of 3.40Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-UD3 running F7 ((Highest bios ATM))
Power Supply: CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W ATX12V v2.3
Ram: Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
OS: Windows 7 home premium

And of course a Sapphire 7870

Anyway been stumped for a bit, I love this card and don't want to RMA it if it's somthing I can fix internaly. Any help would be amazing, or even insight.

Might sound redundant but sounds like an issue i used to have, is your vga/dvi cable attached 100% securely?

Mhm, though it's through a converter. I've also attempted to plug and unplug the cables while the issue is going on, monitors gave a no signal when they where disconnected and the moment I plugged them back in the same solid colored screen with dotted vertical lines appeard. I have pictures if anyone needs a visual reference.

Also thanks for responding been waiting 3 days on the sapphire boards for any sort of tech support >.<

Uploaded a few pictures of the screens when the GFX card has it's fit.,QV6XI,sSKuy#2,QV6XI,sSKuy#1,QV6XI,sSKuy

Some people on here might know a quick fix for something like that, but my advice is to examine the integrity of the card, make sure everything is solid, the pcb isn't burnt, stuff like that. If anything is apperent RMA the smbitch, and if nothing is wait a day on here, see if anyone has an answer  and if not RMA it. The faster you send it out the sooner you'll have it back.

Just crashed again, same problem, I think i'm just going to RMA