Issue with computer post code 62 PCH error


For the last month I have been having a issue where my screen would occasionally go blank. Then i would reboot the computer but on boot it would get stuck on debug code 62 “Installation of the PCH runtime services” I would clear the CMOS and this error would go away and it would boot back into windows. Then it would be fine for a few hours untill the screen went blank again and and I would repeat the same steps again.

To try and fix it I replaced the PCIe extension cable going into my graphics card. This worked fine for about a week without any issue but now the screen has gone blank and I get the same error code as before but this time clearing the CMOS does not temporarily fix the issue.

I have tried reseating the CPU, RAM and graphics card as well as making sure everything is plugged in correctly but I am having no luck.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone has.

PC specs:
MOBO: Gigabyte X399 AORUS Gaming 7
RAM: 16GB G.SKILL Trident Z @3600MHz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX980Ti

other info:
I am running the latest BIOS.
I have tried all of the applicable “fixes” I have found on google.

Thanks :slight_smile: