Issue with Asus laptop windows reinstall

It says I am now missing the boot loader.

I used to have a 120gig intel SSD and a 750gig HDD in this asus u46e bal7 laptop with ubuntu and windows 7 wiped both drives and it wont let me reinstall via usb windows boot drive or CD drive.

I have removed Grub and I cant seem to figure out why I am still having this issue. Any Input at this point would be helpful in resolving this issue.

Also on a side note windows was on the SSD and Ubuntu was on the HDD if that helps at all.

Well, this is going to require that you do a clean install.  Probably of both OS's.  There really isnt a whole lot of info here for us to go off of.  I would install your primary OS first, and then then do the secondary OS.

Tryed that but the windows usb drive and cd both say you need drivers to complete this action both new HDDs are wipe but somr how the install is being dumb I took all the steps needed in the HDD removal its just seems to be that linux likes to funk stuff up when being remo ed....

Well, if you need drivers you might need to load them.  I know some SATA controllers do still need it.  If you want help we will need to know the exact error messages.

I got windows to install on the laptop but after installing the drivers CD I still cant get the eathernet or the wifi to work.