Issue with a LInux dual boot install just black screening

I have recently built a new PC, I am trying to install linux on it as a dual boot with my windows partition, I need this so that i can get on with some uni work. I have managed to install openSUSE onto my machine but when I boot up into the linux distro all I get is a black screen and am not able to reach at terminal.

The specs of my PC are:

  • i7 6700k
  • gtx 1070
  • Gigabyte z170x UD5 TH
  • 512GB boo SSD for windows
  • 2TB HDD i am using partly for some games on windows and then another partition for the linux install

I was wondering whether someone would be able to point me in the right direction, I have tried googling some things but not been able to find much, I think the issue might be with the 1070 but I am not sure and don't know how to fix it.

Did you install the propriatory drivers?

If not boot up on the intel graphics, get everything up to date and install the nvidia drivers then boot back in.

When does it go black?

No didn't get a chance to install the drivers because has just gone black after the install whenever I boot into it, just after the grub screen it is black.

Okay will try with the intel graphics thanks.

If you still don't have used your machine a lot, it will save you a lot of time and headaches to partition your drives so that your data is on a separate partition in case something goes wrong with your linux.

This is how I have it currently on my dad's machine:

512gb SSD (sda)
sda1 /efi/boot (EFI System Partition or ESP) 500mb (if windows already did this one, just select it, don't format it)
sda2 / (ext4) 50gb
sda3 /windows (NTFS) ~440gb

sdb1 /windata (NTFS) 300gb
sdb2 /home (ext4) 1,7tb

That way you can wipe either windows or linux without losing your stuff

Before you installed open suse. Have you tested it the Live version of linux works? Almost every Linux version has a Live version to test your hardware before you install. Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu...(see for all suggestions) If your in a hurry i advice you to switch distro, fixing grafical drivers can be a butthurt.

Worst case scenario is, telnet in from mobile phone with appropriate app, pretty sure you can do this right off the bat with Linux no??? Also what happens when you press Ctrl-Alt-F1 or F2? get a terminal screen login? (you will need to wait a few seconds for the system to boot after grub).

Thanks guys got it fixed needed to use the intel graphics to install the nvidia drivers.

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Good to hear, but just out of curiosity it doesn't break the Kernel? Its been a while i used those drivers but i remember they had issue's if you updated your system or something. Are those hell days finally over?

Only certain modules will cause issues when updating, each time you update the kernel you may need to install the video drivers again. It depends on if your using MESA/Gallium/radeonsi or not, that is where most the issues are.

Pretty sure NVIDIA drivers are userspace drivers? so separated from certain compiler functions which are strict about version changes, the AMDGPU-PRO drivers are also like this, but their buggy as all hell atm.

PS. I don't know anything for certain, feel free to correct me...

I though i understood he installed the official Linux Driver from Nvidia from Nvidia website and i only know those used to be a hell but ....maybe am just a quiter. Who knows?

I can only speak from experience of my 980GTX days (1.5yrs ago), and I never had any issues installing the driver back then. The only issue I had was getting screen tearing under control, which I have read up on methods of doing this now correctly so that shouldn't be a issue once my 1070 arrives.

Your correct on your experience. I forgot not every Linux distro is Diehard like Fedora. were every year you are like me hoping that software you use for work still works....omg what is wrong with me.. They always use latest kernels and packages for software. I forgot not every Distro is like that..

What software are you using for work on Linux?

netbeans. but lets not takeover this topic.