Issue w/ build need help

I built my first computer today, yeah! And it went pretty smoothly except an issue with the heatsink and an issue with my 2nd hard drive. I put a SSD and HDD in this build with the SSD being the main drive for my operating system and what not while the HDD was supposed to be more for long storage. Well after installing Windows 8 I can't find my HDD drive anywhere in the system. My motherboard is an asus which has come with some very useful software. I believe i can see the drive listed in asus' BIO and with rapid storage technology software by Intel. everything looks like it is in working order, expect when it system disk it is in the no column. So what did I do and how can I fix it? Any help will be appreiciated.

You have to go in to windows disk management and format it for first use.

It whont show up antill you format it.

you need to format it. open diskpart and format it exFAT or ntfs

Thanks for the help guys. I actually found out it wasn't assigned a drive letter... Until I found that I didn't know that could be an issue. In any case. I went to Computer Management then to Storage and finally to disk management. There I could see both drives. I highlighted the drive that wasn't working and right click. The menu opens and the fifth option down is to change drive letter and paths... just above the format option. I get curious and check out change drive letter. It opens revealing there truly isn't a letter associated with it. So I add a letter (J) and a window automatically opens up to my Computer showing both drives right where they should be. Thanks for everyone that gave me advice.I'm sure I'll be on hear sooner than later with more questions.

You have to do that with every brandnew HDD but glad you got sorted :)