[ISSUE RESOLVED]Making a sub woofer dedicated to lows

Hey everyone, My old sub woofer broke and i was going to buy new ones but my mum insisted on giving me thier home entertainment one so I took the offer and its not performing well,

Its using those black and red connectors for L and R and I have it hooked up to a regular speakers channels  and my other speakers connected to 1 channel and this is what's the problem. Its outputting highs mediums and lows so its not producing much bass for a 200W 6" subwoofer.

Is there anyway I can get it to play just lows?

You will want to plug it into an amplifier for it to do some form of frequency cross over-ing.

A 6" sub will only get you so far though, what speakers are you using?

Shit Chinese ones from dick smith and the subs outputting less then them like its really poor and what amp should i get?

You will need at least something like a low pass filter like this, or this (opens Amazon in new window) and then depending on the system you will also need a dedicated amp for the subwoofer. 

Or using just this and a few connectors you can make it an active subwoofer.

sounds like your new subs old receiver channeled its lows in house. I would tell your parents that the sub is not compatible with your system without modification and buy your own active sub.

Oh you're from new zealand? Link me them on dick smith and try get a model number off of the bottom of the sub :)

ISSUE RESOLVED: Thanks for the help but i managed to get the DVD player that the sub woofer was for off them and use the MP3 function on it to (They don't use it any more and it doesn't read discs properly) they where going to replace the whole home theatre system so I might get surround sound soon

Thanks for the help guys/girls 

I'm from Australia but they are actualy dick smith brand