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Issue out of the blue with new Display (EX2780Q)

Finally bought the EX2780Q and I love it. Something odd happened recently. I’ve been revisiting old games and playing some new ones i’ve been playing for years (GTA Online, Witcher 1, Skyrim). Played for hours and no problems. I go to run Crysis, I go into settings and see it’s still set to my old monitor’s resolution; 1680 x 1050. I go to change the setting to 2560 x 1440. I set the resolution and play for a couple of minutes. I notice performance is kind of bad. Definitely below 60 FPS. All of the sudden the screen turns grey with a weird slow, pulsating light coming from the left. I had to hard reset my PC. I reboot everything is fine. I read that HDR is only supported through 120Hz not 144 apparently after doing some searching. I figured maybe i’m pushing my 960 too hard. I have it going through a new Displayport cable btw. I switch to 120Hz from 144 in the Nvidia Control Panel. The grey screen comes up again. I shut down the display and turn it back on in a desperate attempt to fix it. Surprisingly it actually works. And here I am posting to the forum.

Welp. :neutral_face:

What the hell could have gone wrong? And what’s up with Crysis 1? Oh yeah, and I tried relaunching Crysis 1 and the screen goes grey when it launches from the start. Wtf?

Well i do know that Crysis is a very demending game.
I’m not sure how capable your GTX960 would be at 1440p,
with that particular game.

But aside of that, did you already try if you could reproduce,
the issue on different resolutions like 1080p?

I took a shot in the dark and tried the HDMI cable provided with the display. All issues GONE.

Been playing GTA for 10 minutes now.

Errr… Now that raises a lot of questions. Is my Displayport fucked on my monitor? Or was it the cable? Orrrr…?

Also, it was REALLY hard to pull out. Supposedly there’s a locking mechanism that you have to press in. I was pressing hard as hell and it didn’t move a millimeter.

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Likely the cable.
But of course try Crysis, cause on that game the issue occured right?

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Tried Crysis, no issues.

But now, me being myself… I’m VERY PARANOID and stressing out over this. How likely is it the display’s DP input is faulty? If so, wouldn’t it have had problem from the get-go? Although i’m curious why the cable would be causing issues now. I read a little of some Redditor’s post. Supposedly 3 Foot length maximum (1m). Mine is 10 feet. I think maybe some extra bandwidth needed for Crysis made it give under pressure?

I will be returning the long-ass cable. But now I’m wondering what will happen down the line when I finally get a new GPU and DP cable? I hope the monitor’s DP is ok…

Ugh… worries. :frowning_face:

10ft should not cause any issues.
DisplayPort cables are hit or miss at times, maybe order one from a different brand and try again?


But what’s the likelihood of bad Displayport Input on the monitor itself? Should I be ok?

Very low, unless you yanked on the connector or dropped the monitor.

I meant from a defect standpoint. Not from when I tried removing it. Took a look at it and it seems fine. Wish I had another cable to test. Someone said 10 feet is no good, though? Also, from your experience how hard is it to press the locking mechanism in on DP cables?

Using a 3m (= 9ft) long cable as we speak. No issues.

Sometimes when pulled, they are hard to press. Lightly pushing them into the connector and then pressing them helps.

So for now, the best thing to assume is a shit cable altogether? Because i’ve been switching refresh rates and playing games, no issues.

Maybe a fridge or microwave switched on in the perfect moment and messed things up. Can get another cable to have one on hand, but not worth worrying about it.

Messed what up exactly? I mean, I wanna make sure my DP input is working, I paid for it after all. Reason enough to worry.

Maybe a load caused a voltage drop in the monitor PSU, which then caused the monitors internals to crash.
Hard to tell.

As you say, it is fine now, so not much reason to worry.

Yes, it’s fine after I switched to HDMI. But what if I wanna use DP again? I turned my system and the monitor off at least twice while I was using DP. Problem persisted.

Missed that part.

Do you have any other device to test the display port IN on the monitor?

Errr… no? Don’t have another PC. All old game consoles with HDMI.

EDIT: Figured i’d give it a shot. Switched DP inputs on my GPU. It’s working.