ISPs Slated to Extend Invasive Privacy Reach

Let me know if posting another publication here is bad ju-ju.

If we all donate some money we could crowd fund our own ISP.

I say we create a L1T isp.

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VPN time

Some sauce instead of just a news story. Basically they overruled federal enforcement of privacy measures upon independent corporations.
I feel like there is some confusion about browsing information not being used by the individual companies for their own benefit. From what I understand this lifts regulation on companies sharing the information (already being collected, stored and used) with other companies without your consent.

Another anecdote is the information you are providing by using their service is deemed fair game under their EULA and they are already selling your information because you agreed and gave consent to their terms and conditions by purchasing and using the service. This is where an opt-out choice would be desirable.


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man now is the time to be in the VPN business, you can make a killing. just don't tell everyone they can accomplish a VPN with a $5 VPS + OpenVPN.