ISP traffic routing/VPN question

So I’m having a huge packet loss issue with my service and to no avail the ISP is too stubborn to attempt to fix it. As far as I’m aware, using tools like pingplotter the issue doesn’t seem to originate from me or anywhere within the close vicinity of me. It seems to be dropping packets hard along multiple nodes on their end.

Would a VPN circumvent this issue? If so, what’s a decent VPN these days?

No, you’ll still have packet loss. It might mask the issue somewhat “software wise” but you’ll still have dropped packets in the end.

Would a VPN change the traffic routes such that it takes a different path through your ISP network? Maybe.

But I’m kind of skeptical of your analysis, usually ISPs prefer to drop packets that they don’t have the bandwidth for, closer to the source - as the aggregate volume of traffic would go down that way.

It’s possible.

For example, connecting back to home on my AT&T Fiber directly results in a worse experience than connecting to my Lionde VPS, which then connects to home

I suppose just better peering/routing to Linode