ISP is "not" bullshitting me

Ok so this might sound stupid but  the problem was the Ethernet cord, not the ISP. It took me a while to figure it out... But if your interested in reading this forum anyways, feel free to read.


Here's the story. 

my ISP is winstream ok. It's the only thing available for me in my area Because I kinda live out in the middle of nowhere. I can also use Hughes net but satellite internet isn't good for gaming .  

Heres the problem

I called them up because my internet was dropping me ( meaning when I go to a new web page, it says i have no internet connection ). my hp envy is hardwired and my Mac uses wifi. the dude at the office said The internet connection is fine but I may experience some problems with the wifi since I have so many devices using it.


back story 

I have a router that only has 6 mbps. I upgraded to 15 mbps. a guy had to come out and rewire everything for the new router, but I had the same exact issues. I final got tired of it and downgraded back to 6 Mbps, again, the dude had to rewire everything, But guess what... THE PROBLEM STILL PERSISTED... 

 Please help... I can't take it anymore. Humans need connectivity to each other but you can't do that if your computer says you have no internet 

Are you only dropping connection on the WIFI or the cabled connection too? 

Please explain what kind of problem is this? Are you having weak signal on wifi? Overall weak internet speed? How many devices are connected to your gateway?

What kind of internet do you have?


And you cannot put a blame on your ISP straight away without going through the diagnosis listed by us.

a guy had to come out and rewire everything for the new router, but I had the same exact issues.

This sounds a bit fishy... Nothing should require "rewiring" if swapping ISPs or packages. If a new modem or router is required then its just a case of swapping the old out with the new. (A simple unplug and plugging of a wire)

If you want to check the line, look within your modem settings about the connection. Depending on what line type you have (DSL, cable or fibre) the read outs may vary.

A noise margin that is high can cause disconnections. To which the lines between you and your ISP have degraded.

Its hard to tell sometimes, but jumping immediately to "ITS THE ISP" is sometimes not the answer.

So, what medium is your internet connectivity provided using?

hmm if you are in NY and have wind stream I assume you have DSL and I know they do things a little differently but some things are always true with DSL and we can talk about them but first let us know if you have DSL or if it is a different type of service.

Ok, I have DSL, I have two iphones, 1 iPad, 1 Mac, and 1 xbox all connected to the router. I only have one port open for my hp envy. And my wifi is ok ( maybe 5 to 6 Mbps ). it's the hardwiring that's bugging Me. Like I said, it will run smoothly one min and then when I open up a new page, it drops completely and I have to reload the page numerous of times. 

Turn off all the devices and check each stand-alone without any other;

Then turn additional ones and see how it affects internet.

DSL is not made for so many devices accessing at once... even normal copper coax is having difficulties when there are more than 2PC's connected at the same time.

It might just be the Ethernet cord... Yep... It has a cut in the wire...o__o... I feel stupid