ISP in UK and Piracy

Here in the UK new 'measures' will be coming into place to 'stop' piracy. From the article is seems that the ISPs really dont think it is a good idea. They dont want to police their users.

Upto 4 warning letters increasing in tone. No leagal action can be taken against the potential downloader.

Take a look:


Like it says in the article, if the "solution" is proven ineffective, the industry bodies will call for "rapid implementation" of the Digital Economy Act. This will end up with people getting serious prosecutions and also mean that a lot more websites will be blocked by the ISPs (To go along with the ever growing list which just increase by 40 with this deal). 

Basically, we're fucked whatever happens. Those pricks at the British Phonographic Industry and Motion Picture Association need to be educated on why people illegally download content and the bad effect on their own business that this will cause.

I'm okay with paying for music on Bandcamp and the small £6 a month for Netflix, but if I can't find the content there, then I'll go somewhere else.

I agree. For now however anyone suspected. ie. sent a letter 4 times cannot be prosecuted. If they change it in the future then maybe...

Our only hope is if, like you said, people get educated. Or if the ISPs simply say no which is what they have done so far.

It should be noted things were a lot more grim at the start of this process...

In NZ after 3rd letter you go to a court, the judge, jurry and recipient of any financial rewards are the same people, a board composed of industry representives..... Guilt upon accusation, trial by accusser, what a great system, I think you can safely say the party that brought that in will never get my vote again...

Wow words have failed me. 


I wrote about this over here:

What I find ludicrous to say the least is that the warning system is clearly being forced onto ISP's who really don't actually care as to what people do online. To quote what the BBC said here: 

"A maximum of four alerts - by either email or physical letter - can be sent to an individual customer account. Language will "escalate in severity" - but will not contain threats or talk of consequences for the accused users.

After four alerts, no further action will be taken by the ISPs."

So after 4 warnings, if you keep pirating, the punishment is that the letter is simply less polite and then finally they just stop bothering to send you letters. The bottom line is that ISP's in the UK don't really seem to care very much about what the film and music industry of the UK say.

It isn't illegal to download content. Its illegal to share content (for now at least) in the UK. The industry is bandying the term "illegal downloads" around trying to give credence to their campaign. It is still a civil offence not a criminal offence but they still have to prove that you were distributing the content in question.

Basically it is just a scare tactic aimed at none savvy users. The people who know how won't be getting caught out in the first place.