ISP Help

Hi there, I just move to Peru and the price for internet is killing me. Where I am there is no hard lines and all the conections have to be via satelitte. Im using a 3g USB (5mb tops) modem at the moment but is limited to 2gb of download per monthand cost aboout 45 US$. 

I would like to know if there is any ISP where i can get unlimited download and more speed. I know that my neigbour has a huge antenna and has internet but he is not giving info. Please help. Thanks

You really have to look around and see what is avalible.  I work for and ISP in rural Texas and we provide wireless broadband.  We setup point to point radios on customers houses using wifi.  For a lot of people we are their only option besides satelitte or dial-up.


My suggestion is call every ISP you can find in your area.  They may not be able to provide you service but you could ask them if they know of any alternatives.