ISP device+my router+pihole=hell?

  • my ISP give me one of those crappy devices that have everything hard-coded in and cant be replaced :frowning: and fiber is connected directly (router+ONT all in one kind of thing)

  • the ISP router have 2 Ethernet ports

  • so i one of those ports i connected a pihole

  • on other post i connected my router running openwrt v19 where i have the wifi and lan devices

  • the reason the pihole is on ISP device is because on my router i dont have any port left

context over

in pihole statistics everything show like openwrt router, kinda make sense because is any_home_device->openwrt router->isp device->pihole

so the question is there any way to get the clients listed and have some statistics?

any other general tip ?


thats probably not going to work because the port on the isp router delivers a public ip address so what you effectively doing is running a dns server on a public ip.

If you’re out of ports on your router just buy a dummy unmanaged L2 switch for more ports they cost like $20.


So your network is full wireless? Buy a pi3 or pi4 and run adguard on it wirelessly?

if OP has a PiHole, on a Pi, would a USB ethernet adapter work on the pi too?

Not the way you have it plugged in.

Do that :point_up_2:

i have a old switch 10/100 and placing that behind the openwrt router with the pihole does the job

using this suggestions did the trick

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