(ISC)2 Exams

This is infosec related so i thought i'd put it here. Has anyone else taken the CISSP/ISSEP, CAP, SSCP...etc exams. What did you guys think about it. I just went to take the SSCP and passed today.


I wouldn't mind hearing what you thought of the SSCP? I haven't for any but will likely be going that way at some point soon.

Congrats!, what were the prerequisites? i hear its a pain in the ass to get it scheduled. 

It was quite interesting, not only the material, but the test overall. You have three hours to take the entire exam and you will use ALL of it. The questions are asked in such a way that you question every answer as they like to make every answer fit the question being asked. It was a fun test and I enjoyed the challenge overall. If i were to offer any advice I would say that you should study everything as you need to use multiple domains to answer most of the questions correctly. You will also want to segment your time as much as you can. Also if you smoke, bear in mind that you cannot take a break and go outside; this was difficult as I was really jonesing about halfway through. If Wendell has this I would love to see this as an inbox question to see what he has to say about it.

For the SSCP you will need a year ofProfessionalwork experience (which I only partially agree with). However if you would like to take it then the Associate of (ISC)2 would be for you. The latter option gives you the certification and time to get the work experience you need.