"Is X Worth it? Is Y Still Viable after 2 months?"

Note: This is a rant based on the stupid shit people question. If you don't care don't just bomb on the thread.

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I hate questions like this. "980 ti Worth It?" Excuse me? When was there a reason to not get one. I could still use one 6 years from now and be fine and you want to wait 2 years to see if there will be a 1000 series?

"Is a new hat worth it?" Yeah, it's a 2 dollar hat. Sure.

"Is an IBM PS/2 Worth It?" No?

I see these very stupid questions everywhere and I am going to answer all future ones on this forum.

A) If you need it, yes, item XYZ is worth acquiring.
B) Is it replacing something dead / worn out? If yes, then yes.
C) Does the item sound usefull to you now or in the future? If yes, then yes.

If the above 3 areas are not appropriate, then no it's probably the most dumb idea you have ever had.

There is an aside to this: Do you want to make something in an experiment like a CnC mill made from a drill press, 4 stepper motors, and a linux box? Then stfu and tell us about the idea an how you want it to work. Don't make a thread as boring as all those unboxing videos on youtube of phone cases from a CLEAR box.


To an extent, you're correct.

However, the question of "is X worth getting?" is a completely understandable question especially if you aren't 100% in your decision. For example, someone might be leaning toward getting a GTX 980 but it turns out that for what that user does, the R9 390X would make a much better choice. The user might never have known this unless he asked the question.

Moreover, the same can be applied to the question "is X worth getting or should I wait for Y?". Another completely reasonable question because the answer is different depending on the user. Do you want the new technologies that ship with that new piece of hardware? Do you want to be on the bleeding edge or do you want to get the best performance for your money?

I find it can help, especially when torn between two different options, to talk to other people at get their opinion on the matter. Even more so when you aren't experienced in that particular area. I have a fairly in depth knowledge of graphics cards where as I'm fairly out of my depth with audiophile and high grade audio equipment for example.

Just my two cents on the matter.

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Well the problem is that you are not the only one on the internet.
There are people who are realy insecure, and realy dont know much about which hardware would be the best choice for their needs.
Thats why those people come to our Forums, just to ask questions.
I dont think that such questions are realy dumb, it can be realy hard to make decissions somethimes.
All we do is trying to help those people out, making the right decissions.
If you dont like those questions, or if you think that they are stupid,
Then you should basicly not botter yourself to answer them.


Couldn't agree more.

Often its a case that some find it hard to articulate their question as often they don't fully understand what they need

Your interpreting in a closed way, with context this is a perfectly good question,

Could be asking £price to performance?
Upgrade path?
competitive alternatives?

As long as people give context then these questions a perfectly legitimate

IMHO 90% of the people on the internet are just to fucking lazy to do a bit of reasearch.
They just write their genreic "is X better they Y?" or "should I get Z?" question and let others decide for themselfes ... instead of typing "980ti" into the search and finding tons of information, and i guess in most cases you could find an answer rather quick.

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Well thats ofc a diffrent perspective to the story.
However, allot of people who are seeking for information on the internet stamp upon tech community┬┤s like ours, also wenn they look on youtube they stamp on our video┬┤s and get interested in our community.
They register an account and starting to ask their questions, just to get some decent feedback to take some of their insecureness away.

Our community does ofc grow that way, and thats why my personal goal is to help those people as good as possible.
Some of them may exaly stay, and become a cool contributer to our community,
because they feel very welcome, and they like to learn allot.
Other might just leave in the wind, as soon as they have their information.
That is ofc something we cannot realy do that much about.

I have been active on allot of diffrent other big hardware community, and it basicly is just pattern.

Did you just watch uxwbill's video of that IBM p4 all-in-one pc?

Sometimes true, but sometimes not. I needed a new graphics card, but couldn't decide between the 980 and 980 ti. I know the 980 ti is faster, duh its not hard to figure that out, and I can and could give you most of the product details from memory. I know the same for the 980, but what I didn't know is if the price increase made sense for what I play and what I will use the card for. That might seem like a dumb question, but sometimes others input helps when your trying to decide between product A and product B.

Sometimes people want to go into detail and share their ideas in great depth, and I say go ahead and do it if you want to. And frankly if you click a thread that is more of an essay then a simple explanation, and you dislike that kind of content and challenge, then click away. It really isn't that hard.

this isn't a very constructive thread, really. nobody expects any one of us to be in beige jumpsuits poised to leap down a firepole every time somebody has a question.

think about what would happen if somebody new walked in right this second and saw this thread. they might not even bother reading past the OP, then they're going to bugger off to Tom's Hardware or where ever they CAN ask their question. if that doesn't bother the OP at least somewhat, then that's a horrible attitude to be voicing publicly. nobody has said the OP must help new people, comment on help threads, or even the multitude of subjective threads that are on here. the OP COULD just hang out in the Lounge and post memes all day if that's what they desire and enjoy.

i've asked several questions on this forum, and i've been swiftly aided 90% of the time. because those users obviously WANTED to help me. i don't think the TEK staff are obligated to do anything, even the past few news segments have been them in less than ideal places to do the show, but they've done it anyway. i admire that. that's why i bother buying from the store and populating the forums.

tl;dr the OP isn't a bad person for not wanting to correct people 100% of the time, but the act of commenting is entirely optional.

No one wanted to in the last seven months >_>

Welcome to TS

I guess Ill page @Eden and @MisteryAngel

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