Is wood conductive? case mod

so i just resurfaced a desk my family has had since well before i was born is for sure.. anyway i had like 3 meters left of colorboard.. like MDF but has a laminated material on the top so it can be used on benches etc.

wood in quiestion:

Now i want to use it for customising my thermaltake core x9 and replacing the hard to work with side fan mounts for my 140mm array for my raid setup as well as hiding the dungeon the setup is in [ psu as well ] due to the nature of this case it hasbarely any place to hide loose cables.

from memory and im sure of it, wood is non conductive but i just wanted a second opinion on this if any modders have used this type of material in cases near motherboards etc, last thing i want is to short my board etc.

Wood itself is non conductive. The laminate materials could be conductive, but not be any massive amount that would cause problems.

keep in mind, metal is a good conductor of heat. having a metal case with the cold air on the outside and hot air on the inside will act as a heatsink and help it escape the machine. if you have a wood case, the heat will not leave the case as easily even with the same # of fans and placement. probably only a degree or two, but still.

Melamine is a plastic coating over the wood, I couldn't see anything about it being conductive.

I have fans, pumps, PSU & motherboard all mounted on wood & have no issues.

Post some pictures when you're done!

yea ill post some in a different thread.

thank u all for not being asshats with dumb reply lol. just wanted to double check with the coating :)

wood is non conductive electrically and thermally. which means you won't have to worry about anything shorting out the pcb as long as you don't pinch anything. but it will trap alot of heat. noise also might be a problem if the wood isn't very dense. you may want to considder silicone/rubber padding.

What about a case made from Petrified Wood?