Is WASD still going on ? Or is it on break?

Just wondering what is going on with WASD. Always like watching the show, haven't seen it in a few weeks I think. Hope all is well with your buddy getting a new visa.

Spankks is MIA right now, so yea its probably on hold for a bit.

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I think it would be interesting if they sometimes swapped out some of the people, although I realize that WASD is more of Pistol's project.

Still, it would be refreshing to see some other people join the mix, intermittently. (Imagine Wendell pontificating on gamer lore for a half hour.)

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Well they are planning on moving and were in seattle for quite a while so there wasn't a lot of time to film a lot of things. After Spankks had to go out of the country, Logan did say he will probably have to help Pistol with WASD. Though Jimmy could still return to film WASD, like it was in the beginning

If it comes back, I would like to see a W.A.S.D with Pistol and Wendell. I've been Watching Tek-Syndicate for two years now, I've NEVER seen them Communicate... Like EVER. it would be nice to see something different. and i'm going to make a prediction Logan voice, I think it's going to be just as or MORE awkward than it was with Jimmy and Pistol in the Pilot episode.

Is Logan moving to Seattle alone?

No. He's moving with Pistol, if you look at her Twitch streams or if you follow her on Twitter. you can clearly see they are living together. is it our business no. as long as they provide us with content it doesn't matter what they do together.


I was talking about Wendell, if he was going with them. I could careless what the third wheel does. This channel is about Logan/Wendell, their style, and their content.

From what they said in the Tek, I don't think Wendell will be moving out, but he will be visiting often. If I recall, he still has his company to run, so he can't really move from where he is.

And What about Qain huh huh .. wheres the Qain love

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't think Wendell visits Logan to film. Everything Wendell films is at his office.

@Red_Lightning You're correct.

I know that Qain said he might be working with the group a bit more in one of his recent vlogs.

he got deported so he won't be back for a couple months

Is it wrong to bump these topics ? Has anyone heard anything about WASD ? I love the Tek and WASD both, for different reasons. One of the main reasons being I am a gamer and am interested in gaming news, and besides total biscuit and the escapist guy there isn't much out there that I've been drawn to. Maybe someone knows an alternative show where I can scratch my gaming itch ?

It's 'I COULDN'T care less'. Saying that you "could care less" actually implies you care some what. Don't worry, you are not the only one, this misunderstanding seems to be systemic in North America.

Back to the thread..

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I didn't use caps in my quote?

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You realise that their content is edited by Pistol a lot. She gives it a lot of the style you like.