Is Vizio TV's a good monitor?

Hey guys, I was researching on monitors for computers and was awed by the simplistic form of a Vizio. I am just wondering if any of you guys have a Vizio TV that you use for a monitor. If so, may I ask how well it performs in your opinion. I am not building a computer, I am just asking how Vizio is as a monitor.

Tried that. Poor build quality and it is not even close to having a regular monitor. It will work but not real well. Pixel density is terrible. You would be better off with a regular monitor. It will last longer.

I have a Vizio TV and they are good for the money. that's all i can say. I don't use it for a PC monitor too often, only when I'm laying down and using a Controller to PC game. and watch a few movies. but other than that. they make great TVs.

I spent $400 on the 42 Inch Television i have, it has 4 HDMI ports at 60hz. 1 USB port. a Wall Mount on the back (If you have one) and one LOUD ass speaker bar under the TV. for $400 bucks it was a steal.

Back when I lived in a studio efficiency, I bought a 32" (720p?) Vizio and hooked it up for both my PC and Xbox... not as fantastic as some decent monitors, but did the job. It's a little more painful to read text from (but manageable), and it's okay for games. Good for sitting on the couch with friends, playing through something.

Of course, some of the graphics-ophiles (videophiles?) will yell heresy.

Our campus Games and Learning Society group uses all Vizio TVs - they mostly just game though. LoL, all day.

TVs lack proper input speeds.

If you are using a TV as a secondary monitor for looking at desktop related stuff.

The input delay is so bad in most TVs that you end up operating with a delay of almost a second in most games. If you do any kind of time sensitive games where the mouse movement and accuracy of cursor placement is key, you will notice the delay almost immediately.

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Wait, is this Sir Qain from the actual group?

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