Is upgrading to PCIe 3.0 worth it?

Currently I am on an AMD platform so the PCIe3.0 upgrade would require waiting or moving to intel. Is it worth the upgrade? Do you think the new AMD gpu's with be bottlenecked on my 890fx board? 

What are you doing on your PC?  If you are gaming there is no reason to upgrade and I do not know about editing and such.

No, you are fine if you just want to go with an R9 GPU.

Mainly gaming with a dab of solidworks. So you think running a R9 will be ok on my 890fx mobo?


otherwise you buy a Asus sabertooth  990FX GEN3 mobo, this board contains pci-e 3.0.

but about bottlenecking, its more depending, on what cpu you currently have. not realy a pci-e issue. pci-e 2.0 is totaly fine.

Yeah, it has PCIe 3.0, but the AMD Vishera CPUs don't, so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you would want to buy the Sabertooth for that.

nope its more cpu demanding. FX6300/FX6350/FX8320/FX8350 will all be totaly fine, if he uses an older phenom it could probably be bottlenecking.

pci-e 3.0 or 2.0 is totaly no issue.

p.s the new vishera has pci-e 3.0 support.


currently I have a Phenom x6 1090T @4.0GHz. 

okay well i would say just try  a new gpu with your current setup, if you notice a bottleneck you can allways decide to do cpu/mobo upgrade later on.