Is this worth building?

Logan or anyone else on the forums. Can anyone tell me if this is worth building. I want to get into PC gaming and get a better desktop for Sony Vegas. My laptop sucks. My budget is around $500-$600.

There are several glaring problems I'd change already but I can't suggest anything because I don't know your budget. Always give the needed info for people to help you.

I don't know your budget, but a few things I would like to suggest for you. For things like productivity, Intel processors are really amazing, however, because I don't know your budget, I don't know if you would be alright with buying something as expensive as an intel processor. Another thing is to maybe try to get better ram, maybe 16 gb, you may try to go for a dual channel. For productivity, a little higher ram would work like a dream. If you decide to go for an intel processor, you may have to change that motherboard, because it may only support fm2+, though i'm not personally too familiar with that motherboard. Anyways, there is probably a few more things I could suggest but your budget would probably help out a lot. Hope this helped just a little bit.

My budget is around $500-$600.

Throw out AMD, go with an i5 or i7 and add more RAM. Also not G.Skill. I've been seeing that brand pop up a lot lately. Does anyone know if it is actually good quality? Close to Kingston, Crucial or Corsair?

To be completely honest I just took the build from this YouTube video and changed it to be more powerful. But made sure to keep the cost as low as possible. Plus I can get a higher clock for cheaper without overclocking. So AMD is here and here to stay.

Rule of thumb, processor first then best mobo to fit that. Also NEVER cheap out on your mobo Take into account wattage needed 750-1000w are good for mid-high builds.

My budget is around $500-$600.

How about now?

Throw out the optical drive. I'd go with AM3+ AMD CPU at least especially for an editing work station. Maybe 8320 or 8350. At least 16GB of RAM(Thinking from Logan's experience and other video reviewers for that requirement.)

I just had a thought, if you wish I could do this. I wouldn't be able to get full price quotes now, but I do represent Adonis Technology which has better return policy than a lot of other retailers. Hardware bought from Adonis runs right through Adonis for any troubles for the lifetime of the the device. My boss might even come up with a better build. Just a thought.

Drop the high speed ram and go for some 1600 mhz kits. 16GB would be ideal.

Depending on what you want to prioritize, like gaming or editing, you could go for a Pentium G3258 and overclock it. It will do fairly decently with gaming, but won't be a megs beast for media work. I recently did a build with the G3258 and it is currently sweeping the floor of my FX-8320 with gaming (30% overclock on the G3258, stock cooler). Ofc with the G3258 you can go for even cheaper RAM since it only supports up to 1333 mhz. But with editing quantity is better and gaming... well didn't notice much of a difference.

I haven't done any testing with media work yet, but I reckon it will be fine.

The Pentiums are kind of amazing little shits. Yeah 1600MHz on 16GB RAM def ideal.

I'm running a 4x4GB G. Skill kit, either 1600 or 1833 don't remember and with a cas lat of just 7. Very good. G. Skill is a solid brand, I dont get the distrust in them

If you want a mobo set up that will give you extreme expandabillity, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5. People like to hate gigabyte mobos because of bitchy BIOSs, and they are, but they work. That mobo is capable of 3 way SLI in x16, x16, x8 and has eight 6Gb/s SATA connections. Plus more high power USB 2 and USB 3 than you'll ever use. The board is a tad pricy though.

Throw a FX-6300 or 8350 in it. Aftermarket cool it when you can afford it. Overclock like mad, call it a day. This is pretty much my setup and it already handles everything I throw at it. And thanks to DX12, the 6300 and 8350 still have a lot of life in them for gaming. The only other thing I'd advise at this point in time is to wait for months till Zen comes out and see what the market does. But assuming you want a computer RIGHT MEOW then the above is what I advise. It's expandable, it's affordable when you consider the price of Intel CPUs, and the performance is there.

G. Skills RAM it's a solid option. Get 4GB sticks so you'll either have 16 now or 8 now and can get another 8 later.

The R9 270 is good for now. It will let you game now and you can upgrade whenever.

Why throw out the optical drive? They're still very much in use and honestly installing an OS from CD is still easier than USB on a lot of mobos.

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What case size do you have in mind? (Small (be mindful: AM3+ only supports mATX no mini ITX), Midi Tower or HTPC?)

The FX-4300 only supports 1866Mhz DDR3 you can drop down to that. As far as I know it is the same for all FX'es.

I quickly threw something together at newegg Australia (only retailer I knew over there):

As follows:
ASUS M5A97 PLUS ATX AMD Motherboard 77$
Antec NEW SOLUTION SERIES VSK-4000 Black Computer Case 42$
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 66$
AMD FX-6300 142$
G.Skill Ripjaws 8 Gig 1866 one Stick 60$
EVGA 100-B1-0500-KR 500W PSU 61$
MSI Radeon R7 360 154$

That lands on point of 602$ excluding shipping.

I choose the 6300 for 6 cores but added the GPU last. Meaning an R7 was all that fit into budget. Since we agree on the fact that video editing and a 600$ budget calls for AM3+ we could optimize the mainboard choice since there might be cheaper options. I cheaped out on the RAM and got one stick. But you might be upgrading that in the future to 16 gigs anyway. A mainboard with the 990FX chipset is way over budget. The PSU might be OP as well. I took the first PSU whose brand I recognized and trusted.

I would look for a cheaper motherboard and a cheaper PSU (ask someone who knows the brands that are available in AUS) and then drop all of that into your GPU and somehow manage a R9 270.

And let's be frank: WOW are you guys getting a beating in terms of prices downunder. At a German retailer I could fit a R9 270 into budget with the exact same components.

Yeah Australia get smack in the face and maybe a second in terms of pricing it's just annoying. But yeah that all looks like it'll do me just nicely. Although I do have an alternative build here and it's better but more pricy.

I don't know I'm going more towards Garfield's build.

(Although the prices have of course changed for Australia)
ASUS M5A97 PLUS ATX AMD Motherboard 77$
Antec NEW SOLUTION SERIES VSK-4000 Black Computer Case 42$
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 66$
AMD FX-6300 142$
G.Skill Ripjaws 8 Gig 1866 one Stick 60$
EVGA 100-B1-0500-KR 500W PSU 61$
MSI Radeon R7 360 154$

Till you try to play something that needs more than 2 threads ;)

Doing some final balancing on the build I have somewhat changed my mind:

A FX 6300 is all well and good but takes out too much money for the GPU. An FX-4350 is 40 bucks cheaper and will thus allow a R9 270 to fit into budget. Reasoning is this: The loss of two cores will hit your render times noticeably. But you can do other things while rendering. Your budget tells me that you are at school/university therefore have more time than money. So I would trade render time for game performance.
I advise you to go with a FX-4350 and R9 270 combination.

I've seen that the Motherboard go up in price again (20 bucks is a good discount) you have to look for another board in your price range. Go for something with a 970A chipset and AM3+ socket. Keep your eyes open for user reviews stating fps drops or overheating VRMs. They will most likely be running a 125Watt TDP chip (like your 4350 or 6300, the FX with an E are 95 Watt TDP and fine) and the 970A chipset is known for overheating VRMs. The VRMs are placed beside the socket and can be cooled with a downdraft cooler though. Most people slap on an aftermarket cooler that does not provide airflow over the VRMs. In most cases just a little airflow is enough, there are also aftermarket down-draft (also known as top-blow) coolers.

Just looking at Graphics cards if your going to render, Just to say i don't know if vegas allows you to use cuda acceleration, But this being said the Gtx 760 is a faster GPU and if you can use Cuda that would be nice too i would think (I dont know anything about Cuda ether) But still 760 is faster and same price on new egg so.