Is this the end of my GTX 780?! (Help Needed)

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Today I've been playing some lovely games on my GTX 780 Lightning from MSI. My friends decided to come over and we decided that we should see how much we could push the 780 to a great 3DMark score. So we decided to use MSI's afterburner to gently push the GPU up (Exact settings will be posted down below). We then fired up 3DMark to see the magic happening. At the end of the benchmark (around 10 minutes in) my screen went to black. Then the fans started to spin like crazy (100% fan speed). We'd get no visual of my PC at all, on board graphics do work. 

We've been struggling with this issue for the past hour now, and we decided to take out the GPU and switch it with an old GTX 660 to see if the lane was broken or something like that. Of course that wasn't the case and the system booted as usual (no more 100% fan speed). And it shows up on the board explorer function on my motherboard (something which the 780 fails to do).

I could really use some help.

(Overclocked to:

- 109% Power consumption

- +100 Core Clock

- +300 Memory Clock

- (We had the card running at 100% fan speed at the time to see temps at the lowest possible)



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I highly doubt you killed a lighting card with +100 on the core. Childs play.

I'm thinking the drivers specific to the card got borked. Try it in another computer before deciding anything.

Also try flipping the bios switch on the card.

NJM1112 I've already switched the cards and there's no other PC that I am capable to put the card in. Please enlighten me futher of the "bios switch" you mentioned.

The reason I don't think you broke the card with overclocking is because it's a LIGHTNING card. It's of extreme quality from MSI. My friend has one and he was able to OC it to 1230/1650 without touching voltage.

On the top of the card (on the pcb) there should be a switch that will change the bios from original to LN2, or from LN2 to original

[from their site]

I've also mess up the drivers while overclocking a 760 and that card would no longer work in the system for whatever reason. My fix was removing the card, using an amd card, uninstalling afterburner and all the Nvidia drivers. then reinstalling the card and the proper drivers.

MSI used Elpida VRAM for the 780 LIGHTNING, and it has serious issues with higher clocks compared to Samsung or Hynix. If that +300 is before the QDR rating, and you were trying to push the RAM to 7.2GHz, then you may have actually caused some damage.

I would assume that instead of damaging the card you simply threw it into some safe-mode style shutdown. Try switching the BIOS as NJM1112 has suggested, see if you can't just "reboot" the card.

I'am currently uninstalling all the software related to GPU (Afterburner/Driver). I have tried to play around with the reset button but it seems to have no effect. Any futher advice around the reset switch?


I've followed a recommended set of instructions during the overclock. I could have never pushed the VRAM to 7.2Ghz. The Effective Clockspeed of the VRAM should be 6008Mhz out of the box, so that would end in a result of 6308Mhz after the overclock. 

Also: Please note the card functioned fine untill it reached the end of the benchmark.



I've tried to "reboot" the card. Going into safety mode and switching the bios. It didn't seem to effect the issue. The card's fans are still blowing like crazy and the card isn't detected by the Motherboard.


RMA it

The GTX 780 has been placed in another PC, still broken.

It will be RMA'd I hope they'll still offer some good support after 362 days of owning it. Thanks for all the assistance guys I really appreciated it.