Is this temp 'normal'? (Overclocked Sapphire HD6950)

After looking some things up I found something that recommended to run Unigine Heaven three times in a row to test max temps for a graphics card, so I did. According to the reading in the benchmark and MSI Afterburner afterwords my max temperature for the card was 60C after about 15 minutes of Heaven running, and those temps were for only a few seconds. My case (Corsair C70) is actually only running with two 140mm and two 120mm intake fans and no exhaust fans running. The ambient room temperature is 16-17C.

I know that it should be fine as long as it's below 100C or so, but I'm actually wondering if this is a 'normal' temperature to get, or if it's low or high or whatever. I was thinking about upgrading to a GTX760 and selling this card, but if this card runs especially cool for what it is doing I'd rather keep it for a little while. Here's my card. It's running at 875 MHz/1350 MHz on the Core/Memory. Afterburner says 58/99/74/3738 for Max Temp/Usage/Fan Speed %/Fan RPM.


Yeap, that's still cooler than what would be achieved by the stock cooler (at stock speeds) on that card.

That's really quite cool for an OC'ed card.

Unless you are overvolting, an overclock will only have a very slight impact on the temperature.


If you have any voltage control, it is best to increase the voltage a bit and get a better overclock.