Is this supposed to be green?

I ordered these and they came in the mail today. I didnt know the board was supposed to be green. In all the pictures they are black. Is this safe to use or will the green color explode my system?

Heres a like to what I ordered

They board looks pretty black in the picture.

Heres a comparison of my ram vs how it was advertised to look.


I'd compare part numbers just to make sure you got the correct kit. If you did get the correct part, you probably just got an earlier revision. The PCB color doesn't affect performance, and most RAM does actually use green PCB. It's cosmetic. It may look ugly, especially with red heatsinks (unless you're going for X-Mas theme), but it should function just fine.

They appear to be the same model. I dont really care about the colors, I just wanted to make sure it was normal and I wasnt getting ripped off or something. But it seems to all check out fine. Thanks guys and merry christmas