Is this supposed fallout 4 giveaway real?

So I've seen this circling the internet the past two days but I'm wondering if it is legit. So this new website called l33t drop is basically a digital loot create filled with pc games, where each month the games are based on a different theme. Sounds cool in my opinion. Now to celebrate the launch they are supposedly giving away fallout 4 if you can refer 25 people using a unique link. Then at 50 referrals you also get black ops 3 and ac syndicate, as well as some free l33t drops. That's the part I'm unsure of. I've seen people talk about this but I don't want to bug my friends with referral link if it isn't real. The idea is really cool, but is the giveaway real?

Check it out see what you think
Don't worry that's not a referral.

This is a referral
See the difference? Good.
So what do you think? Real or not?

i think its just a scam to get peoples emails and send them a crap ton of spam emails well im going to test this out so im glad i have a email that i rarely use anymore also theres my referral link if you want to help me see if this is real or not

Just looked in my email and saw this "Level 25 - Two month's of free drops & a copy of Fallout 4(Only 25 copies available)Level 50 - Three month's of free drops & a copy of CoD:III +AC: Syndicate (Only 10 copies available of each)" So it may be real but the chances are REALLY slim