Is this psu sufficient

is the fsp aurum series 600w psu enough to run this system

i5 3570k-overclocking to about 4.5ghz

gigabyte ga-z77x-d3h

sapphire hd 7870 ghz

corsair h80

thanks in advance


Yes, even if you OC the GPU too

The wattage is enough, but I'm skeptical. I'm not sure exactly how many amps the 7870 pulls, but that FSP PSU has 4x 12v rails rated at 18amps each, which seems low. I'd recommend 24amps on the 12v rails if you're getting a decent GPU. The best way to assure that is by getting a single 12v rail PSU. Usuing the specs from the PSU tag, the 4 12v rails provide 540 watts, so divide that by the number of rails and you get 135 watts. The 7870 can pull 175 watts, which means if the GPU tries to draw all the power from a single rail, the whole system can shut off.

Amps are more important than overall wattage (Wattage = Voltage x Amperage).

I'd recommend going with the Rosewill Capstone. More wattage, more amperage, similar efficiency, and price.

the spec sheet recommends 24amp, but never seen a problem 7850's on 18amp rails even with a OC.......straight no for crossfire, but single card I card I would and have done it, but you can find 24amp PSUs in the same price range if your really concerned.

E2A: that Rosewill looks like a good deal!

um yea i read that rail 3 and 4 are for the pcie connectors(each rail is for 2 pcie connectors no pcie connector 1 and 2 to to rail 3 and pcie conector 3 and 4 to rail 4) so i guess as long as i use the six pin connectors 1 and 3 i should be fine and my friend is running a hd 6950 on this psu so i sure it will be fine with the card i was just wondering if its enough to power the other components


oh and you said that each rail provides 135 watts thats still ok because the pci e x16 slot provides 75 watts of power any way

and the mother board power is supplied by a diferrent rail to the pcie connectors


sorry but cant buy any rosewill products in nz cause they are not avalible


Well, I found a little gem: The FSP Raider. Still cheaper, higher amperage, and wattage. Plus it received a favorable review from Hardware Secrets:

With the Raider 650 W you basically buy an 80 Plus Bronze unit and get virtually 80 Plus Gold efficiency when using it at light and typical loads – which are the loads most people use anyway.

Although voltages were always inside the proper range, and ripple and noise levels were below the maximum allowed, we’d prefer to see 3% voltage regulation and lower ripple and noise levels, so we can’t say this unit is “flawless.” Still, it provides a terrific value for the savvy user, and we highly recommend it.

Errrr, im running a 7850 with a i5 3450 with a 450W PSU from XFX. Well, there i only one single nrail, it's not divided. But it cost me like 40 Euros, so, when you just inform yourself a bit more about the "real" power pf psu, you will find plenty of thoses, which provide more for the same price.

Yes, that's because the 7850 uses noticably less power than the 7870, and overclocking makes most any component power hungry. Cranking the CPU by a GHz takes a fair bit of juice. Try to reach that OC on a 450w. You will either never get it stable, or the system would shut off as soon as you start Prime.