Is this PSU "Haswell Ready"?

I currently have a ocz700mxsp and I am looking to upgrade to a next gen Intel CPU (when they come out) and a friend told me that older PSUs might not be compatable with the new CPUs, is this true and if so will I need a new PSU?

The compatability issue has something to do with the Haswell CPU "sleeper mode". Or something similar to that. When the CPU is in a sleeping state, it causes the system to use very little power. The main problem with PSUs is that some PSUs cannot deliver a small and efficient current. PSUs work best under load. Compatible PSUs will have a good single 12v rail and a good efiiciency rated. e.g bronze 80+ and they tend to be a little newer. Manufactuered in the last 3 years or so.

That's the explanation.

Any PSU should work with Haswell, just be sure to turn off that "sleeper mode" in the BIOS. Then there will not be any compataibility issues.

Someone did their homework ;)

I saw an article, and I thought I would properly plan my own Haswell build. I have been researching for... since Christmas.

Any idea on the prices?

Similar price scheme scross the product range. Seems that the mobos and CPUs are entering slightly higher than their 1155 equivalents. You can add $10-15 to current prices. Similar difference found in the current prices of Sandy and Ivy. Or at least, that's how things stand in the UK. Only 2-3 days to find out.