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Is this psu good enough?


I bought this psu recently for my current build, I am wondering if it will be ok for my new build. I am a little worried it might not be enough because the rtx 2080 recommends 650w. Will this psu be enough? TIA

current psu :

new build:


Your system won’t draw much more than 400W (stock/at load), that PSU gives out 576W on the 12v rail. That PSU is fine… if you can exchange it, you may want to grab something that is also modular.


It’s fine…
HEDT CPU and FuryX may reach 600W power draw, but other than that most desktop builds will not go anywhere near 600.
I’m running 1700X 8 cores CPU with RX580 off of 430W, so 620 is more than enough…


thanks guys for the info and quick response! I appreciate it.