Is this PSU failure?

This has been happening for a couple months and I should have addressed it sooner. My EVGA GTX 970 4GB SSC drops to 0% usage in CPU + GPU demanding games (GTA V and, most recently, the SW:BF open beta) for about 10-30 seconds. You can see the three sudden drops in the graph and that's what those are illustrating. After that, it immediately recovers and stabilizes and goes back up to 60fps. To ME, it looks like a failing power supply (CX750M) but I'd like a second opinion before spending ~$100 on a new one.

Could just as easily be a faulty GPU, or a software glitch related to Nvidia drivers.

Well, firstly as always, try reinstalling windows.

Otherwise try a different GPU, or your integrated graphics.

And if that doesn't fix it then it's probably your PSU.

Also I don't think CX PSUs are recommended for gaming rigs.

Possibly check out | v | for a replacement

Also I don't think CX PSUs are recommended for gaming rigs.

What? Where did you hear that nonsense?

On corsair's website


                CX Series

                CX Series PC power supplies are an excellent

choice for basic system builds and desktop PC computer upgrades. CX
Series PSUs are available in a variety of power configurations, and
include features that are normally found only on premium power supplies.


That did not copy well at all, main line being basic system builds, though maybe they just want you to buy the higher end ones for gaming

Yeah, that's their marketing babble. Of course they want you to pay more for a "Gaming" product. Because you stick a "Gaming" tag on something and suddenly it's better.

CX PSUs are solid budget choices. They're not as efficient as the rest of their line up and they have slightly worse ripple, but they're just as viable as any similar PSU is for a gaming build.

Not that a 970 needs a beefy PSU anyway, that thing sips power like there's an energy crisis.

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Use a multimeter and when the gpu hits 0% usage check the voltage output then of all the different rails.

although honestly , the CX has 62 amps on a single 12v rail and even if it's not very efficient it should power the gpu fine.

most likely software related. check your cpu usage when the lag spike happens.

certain suggestions I would not retain..............1 in particular, unless you have absolutely nothing to do.............
Any component producing abnormal levels of heat ? As a possibility, if you do have a spare PSU, trying it would eliminate that potential bad psu problem.
maybe removing any external stuff plugged-in, as well as any recent modification. (IMO)
I agree with Hostile and emosum.

system specs?

Also yes the Corsair CX units have issues,
which i will get deeper into as soon as i know more about your system specs.

The issues with the Corsair CX power suplies, is that they are only rated to full power below 30°C
This can basicly be an issue if your system uses allot of power, like with a sli or crossfire setup, and you live in a warmer envoirement.
Or a case which does not have an optimal airflow.

Read more:

Some articles are from jonnyguru about the Corsair CX units.
Maybe if he reads this post, he might jump in and explain a bit more about this.

You broke the rules. You didn't wait for him/her to reveal his/her system specs :(.

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lol yeah this was just a short info about those particular psu´s.
But that doesnt mean that the problem from topic starter is related to this.
For that i need to more about his system, for example which cpu he uses.
Because wenn he is using a AMD FX cpu, he can also suffer from a cpu bottleneck for example.

They're rated to put out full power at 30°C, but I doubt the OP is anywhere near 750W. Operating temperature range for the CX is up to 50°C, which is really hot. So as long as they're no where near 750W, the temperature rating has little to do with the PSU's capability.

As for the OP: I don't see how this is a failing PSU. Failing at what? If the PSU wasn't delivering power, the PC wouldn't work. If the PSU wasn't delivering enough power, the PC would crash. If the PSU was overloaded, overheated, etc., it would shut down.

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Thanks for your 2cents. As reluctant as I am to thread jack, can I ask you about a funny AX1200i?

Thanks for explaining, i agree that i dont think that his setup would use anywhere near 750W.
And indeed it doesnt look like a psu issue uphere.

GTX970 is basicly not that powerhungry, if you had two of those in Sli then it might be a difrent story.
But thats not the case.

In another thread you can.

Well according to the graph posted in the op.
it looks like a cpu bottleneck to me, like i mentioned above.
But yeah we need to know more about his system specs to determine what is exaly causing these load drops.

Hmm. I don't think i have ever seen bottlenecking cause the GPU fans to spool up to 100% before.
I would do a fresh driver install along with reseating the GPU and 8 Pin power connector.

Im not so sure a power supply would fail so nicely only dropping graphics speed. When they fail the PC usually crashes.


Wenn i look at the GPU load graphs, i see allot of fluctuatings and drops.
It still looks like a cpu bottleneck to me.
But another thing that looks kinda strange, is that the gpu seems to run pretty warm according to the graphs.
Thats a bit strange.
So it could has be something to do with that gpu temp.