Is this PSU enough for the 770?

In the reveiw of the GTX 770 Logan said you need a 600w PSU and 42 amp's on the 12V rail.


That PSU is way too large for a single GPU. You don't need any more than 500W for a system with a single 770, even if both CPU and GPU are overclocked like crazy. EVGA is known for top-quality graphics cards; I don't trust them for much of anything else. At that price, I'd grab a Seasonic G 550W 80+ Gold, semi-modular PSU. It has such a low ripple that it is hard to detect! Much better build-quality than the EVGA, more efficient, and appropriately sized. You could power two 770s with a good 650W unit, even overclocked. When you oversize a PSU, you lose efficiency, power, and money - it's just not worth it for a single GPU system that will never use that much.

Would a 650w be enough for SLI 770's with an FX-8350?

Definitely, if you get a good 650W unit. Don't crap out on the PSU, especially for heavy-load rigs like that. A Corsair AX650, HX650, Seasonic 660 Plat, Rosewill Capstone 650 M, Lepa G 650, etc. will all be great for the system. You could go with a 750W unit to give you more "breathing room", and have better selection, and more fully modular options, but no more than 650W is needed.

So would this be a sturdy rig for future 770's in SLI?

Fantastic, actually :)

The Corsair AX750 is a very nice PSU, and while it doesn't have as low of a ripple as the Enermax Platimax, or Toughpower Grand Platinum, it is still really low, and much better priced. Great for overclocking, and plenty of power for your system with 770 SLI.