Is this PSU 500W or 360W?

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but; I have just been told on Reddit that my GPU (a GeForce gtx 500ti) will not run on this PSU: link because my PSU is only 360W

Now, I was under the impression that my PSU was 500W and after typing it in on the internet I have found that several places say this model is indeed 500W. So now I am very unsure.

Could somebody please explain to me how to read the back of this PSU so I can actually make and informed decision about weather I need to buy a new one for my graphics card or not.

Thank you for your time,


The power Supply is a 500w PSU. it says it clearly on the PSU twice lol. the +12V1 and +12v2 on the back tells you how much amps is on the twelve volt rail which from the picture is 20 amps the 360w you see there is the maximum watts that the PSU will output from the rail. which 360w is definitely enough power for the card.

It is a 500w PSU, but your two 12v rails have only have 20a on them. nVidia recommends 30a on the twelve volt rail. While that is for the entire system, and theoretically your GPU would use one rail and the rest of your system the other, I do not think it is necessarily the best of ideas to run it on that PSU. I would think it would probably work, but I'd also worry about it.