Is this power supply good enough to run a xfx 4350

A 300 watt Bestec power supply, heres the link to the website i dont know quality too well for power supplies so if somone could help me with this it would be great.

It probably will, but doesn't matter only time when it MAY fail is when everything inside your pc is at full load. If not just buy a generic 450W for 10 bucks.

k thanks, im gonna wait 3 weeks or so and i found a 680 watt supply off of tiger direct thats 40 bucks. Thanks though now that i know it will work.

Look up web site" Kijiji" if there is one in your area or near you you might find some good toys. :)

thanks ill keep an eye on that, anyways im trying to persuade my mom to let me buy a 550 watt power supply from a guy on craigslist for 20 bucks. hopefully that will work.

Yes that PSU will do fine.